A variety of reports are available to assist in understanding, analyzing, and managing your Open Mobile user base.

iPass Data Collector

The iPass Data Collector system is a set of tools designed to monitor user connection experience, as well as model and measure the quality of critical nodes throughout the iPass global virtual network.

The Data Collector captures detailed status and usage information from every connection attempt (both successful and unsuccessful), and uploads this information to a central iPass database at regular intervals. It records and reports data about access points used, client configuration, error codes, connection speeds, time to authenticate, and other information critical to diagnosing network health and users’ connection experience.

Real-time access to connection data enables iPass to:

  • Gather detailed information about each user login experience.
  • Measure and monitor the quality of hundreds of network providers to evaluate adherence to stringent service level goals.
  • Measure actual service quality levels (not just averages) experienced by each customer during each network session.
  • Locate and resolve access point problems before users experience failed connections
  • Identify user training or help system improvements that will reduce user errors in the future.

Client ID

Client ID is a unique identifier that is issued to every instance of Open Mobile when it is installed. If Open Mobile were uninstalled and then re-installed, the new instance would receive a new client ID.

Reports List

There are nine reports available in three categories: User Connection Reports, End User Support Reports, and Mobile Broadband Management Reports.

User Connections Reports:

  • Connection Summary displays successful and failed connections by connection type for a specific date range.
  • Usage Summary displays a summary of that data usage (in MB) of your users and your top ten users.
  • Connection Data enables you to export all connection data for a given date range.

End User Support Reports:

  • User Activity summarizes data useful for troubleshooting user connections.
  • Exceptions (report) displays users that are having the least success with the service for a specific date range.
  • Devices & Platforms displays current users, their operating systems, and client versions.

Mobile Broadband Management Reports:


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