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 +======Mobile Broadband Cards======
 +**To request new cards**:
 +  - Under the **Card Information** tab, choose the appropriate Region and Card Type in the drop-down menus.
 +  - Under the **Pricing** tab, choose the appropriate Price Plan from the drop-down menu. You can also enter a P.O. number or any reference string in the **Customer Reference** field.
 +  - Under the **Commitment** tab, choose the appropriate amount of time in the **Commitment Term** drop-down menu. 
 +  - Under the **Terms and Conditions** tab, add any comments to the **Comments** section and check the box next to **Terms and Conditions** after reading them.
 +  - Click **Submit Form**.
 +Go to: **[[portal_guide|Portal Guide]] > [[child_accounts_tab|Child Accounts Tab]] > [[manage_child_accounts|Manage Child Accounts]]**

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