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 +====== Account Commitment/​Base Package ======
 +<note important>​This page is for internal iPass use only. Please visit the [[ca_resign_account_commitment|Child Accounts Account Commitment/ Base Package]] help page for information on managing child accounts. </​note>​
 +  * Select the **Commit Start Date** from the drop-down list (required).
 +  * Enter the **Minimum Commitment** in dollars and then select **Per month**, **Per Quarter**, or **Annual** from the drop-down list (required).
 +  * After **Contribution Type**, select **Fee Type** or **All Fees** (required). If you select **Fee Type**, select one of the following:
 +    * **Network Usage/​Enterprise Flat Rate**
 +    * **iPass Connect/​Mobility Management Service**
 +    * **Other** (enter the fee type in the bo

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