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 +======RoamServer Users======
 +  * **[[:​roam_server_add_user | Add User]]**
 +  * **[[:​group_management|Group Management]]**
 +  * **[[:​roam_server_import_user | Bulk Import Users]]**
 +  * **[[:​roam_server_view | View a User]]**
 +  * **[[:​roam_server_edit_user | Edit a User]]**
 +  * **[[:​roam_server_users_delete | Delete a User]]**
 +  * **[[:​roam_server_import_status | Check Import Status]]**
 +=====User Table Information=====
 +The data table lists all the hosted users for a specific company. By default, all active, suspended, and deactivated users  are displayed. You can filter users by using the **Show All Users** drop-down menu. An active user is able to use the client and connect, while a suspended or deactivated user cannot.
 +<note important>​Only those with the //Customer End User Company Settings Manager// role can view and access the **Setup** action. </​note>​
 +===== Search =====
 +Use the **Search All Users** in the drop-down menu to bring up a list of all hosted users. You can also Search for a specific user by typing their name into the **Search All** box. 
 +You can filter the list of hosted users by status like, Active, Suspended, or Deactivated or choose a month, which will filter the list by month when a user was initially activated.
 +Go to: **[[:​portal_guide|Portal Guide]] > [[:​account_tab|Account Tab]]** ​

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