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 +==== Saving a Profile as a Template ====
 +You can create a template from an already existing profile, and then either use it as created, or modify and then save its settings.
 +**To create a new profile template from a profile:​** ​
 +    - Click **Manage Profiles**.
 +    - From the list of profiles, select the profile you wish to save as a template. Then, under **Actions**,​ click **Manage**.
 +    - On the **Configure Profile** ​ page, in the **Action** ​ drop-down, select **Save as Template.**
 +    - Review the information on the **Getting Started** ​ page, and then click **Continue**.
 +    - On the **Create a Template** ​ page, enter values for the following:
 +      * **Template Name:​** ​ The profile template name.
 +      * **Template Description:​** ​ An optional short description of the template.
 +    - Click **Save and Continue**. The template is now saved in the Draft state.
 +    - On the **Manage Template** ​ page, you can now review any of the template settings by selecting a settings category and clicking **View**. Optionally, click **Configure** ​ to set any values for the template that will be different from the profile it is based on.  For example, to adjust the Quick Launch applications configured with the profile template, next to **Quick Launch**, click **Configure**,​ then edit the Quick Launch settings for the template.
 +A draft template will remain in Draft status until you publish it.
 +Go to: **[[:​configuration_tab|Configuration Tab]] > [[:​manage_profiles|Manage Profiles]] > [[:​configuration_settings|Configuration Settings]]** ​
 +{{tag>​profile_management template}}

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