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 +====== Saved Reports ======
 +The [[user_activity|User Activity]] and [[devices_platforms|Devices & Platforms]] reports have the option to save reports for later viewing. When you click **Save for later** in the search box, reports are saved on this page. 
 +The list of saved reports includes the following (and can be sorted by any of these columns):
 +  * **Job ID:** a number assigned to each saved report. ​
 +  * **Report:** report type (User Activity or Devices & Platforms).
 +  * **Requested by:** the user who originally requested the saved report.
 +  * **Requested on:** time stamp of when the saved report was originally requested.
 +  * **Status:** whether the report is Available, In Progress, In Queue, Failed, or Deleted.
 +In the **Actions** column, each report has the following actions available:
 +  * **Download:​** download an Excel version of the report.
 +  * **View Results:** view the report in the browser.
 +  * **View Search:** view the original search criteria of the report.
 +  * **Delete:** delete the report.
 +To refresh the list or the status of saved reports, click the blue refresh button in the top-right corner of the page.
 +<note important>​Very large User Activity reports (with over about 50,000 records) may not be available for viewing in the browser (**View Report** may not work), but they can be downloaded by selecting **Download** in the drop-down list.
 +If you are having trouble downloading a report, check your browser settings to make sure downloads are enabled. </​note>​
 +Go to: **[[:​portal_guide|Portal Guide]] > [[:​reports_tab|Reports Tab]]** ​

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