The Self-Registration page allows users from enterprise customers to register for Open Mobile on their own. A user must complete the steps described below.

A user may end up on the Self-Registration page from sources like an email from their IT admin or an employee website.

The instructions below may appear different, depending on factors like branding and company settings; however, the directions are still an accurate representation of the Self-Registration flow.

1. Enter First Name, Last Name, and Email. As pictured above, some companies may offer the option to enter a username and choose a special department code.

2. Click Sign up now! The user will receive an immediate email with a link and Temporary Password to complete their registration.

3. Check inbox for an email from iPass and click on the link provided.

Please note that the link in the email will expire after 48 hours.

4. Enter the Temporary Password. The temporary password was emailed along with the link mentioned above.

Please note that the Temporary Password is not the same as Open Mobile account credentials.

5. Click Continue.

If the Auto-Generated Password option was selected, then the user will skip past the password creation steps and land directly on the congratulations page (the last step described below).

6. Create a Password. A user will have to follow certain password rules created by an admin.

7. Type the new password into the Confirm Password field.

8. Click on Complete Registration.

9. The user will land on a congratulations page where their Name, Company, Email, Username, Domain, and Password are displayed. The user should make special note of this information as they will need it to use Open Mobile.


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