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 +======Service Alert Management======
 +The Service Alert Management tool allows you to create, edit, and archive important service alerts. ​
 +=====Service Alert Table=====
 +You can filter the table with the following three options: Show All Alerts, Show Open Alerts, and Show Archived Alerts. ​
 +Please note that the **Archive** option will only appear next to alerts that are currently **Open**.
 +The Service Alert table consists of the following columns:
 +  * **Service Alert Title**: The title displayed in this column also appears on the Dashboard under Service Alerts. ​
 +  * **Event Start**: This column displays when an event (described within a Service Alert Notification) commences and also appears on the Dashboard next to its corresponding alert.
 +  * **Visibility Period**: This column lists the time period which a Service Alert will be visible on the Dashboard.
 +  * **Last Modified On**: The date a Service Alert was last modified. ​
 +  * **Last Modified By**: Who modified a Service Alert last. 
 +  * **Actions**:​ This column displays the **Edit** and **Archive** option. Please see the [[:​service_alert_management&#​edit_a_service_alert|Edit a Service Alert]] section for more details on what information is available for editing. ​
 +=====Create a New Service Alert=====
 +  - Enter a **Title**. The title must be less than 200 characters and is required. Remember that the title you create here will appear "as is" on the Dashboard under Service Alerts. ​
 +  - Enter a **Description**. The description must be less than 4000 characters and is required. ​
 +  - Enter an **Event Date Range**. Enter the date and time range for the Service Alert you are creating. This date range will be visible in the Service Alert notification. ​
 +  - Enter a **Visible Date Range**. Enter a date and time range for the Service Alert to be displayed on the Dashboard under Service Alerts.
 +  - Choose a **Severity** level. The current options are Severe, Moderate, and Info. For further details on severity levels, please see our [[:​service_alerts&#​severity_level|Service Alerts]] help page.
 +  - The **Visible to** section will automatically have **All** selected and will be be greyed out. 
 +  - Place a check mark next to **Email notification to subscribers** if you want subscribers to receive an email notification about the Service Alert you are creating.
 +  - Click the **Preview** button to review the Service Alert as it will appear when a user clicks on it on the Dashboard. ​
 +=====Edit a Service Alert=====
 +You can edit an **Open** or **Archived** Service Alert. All of the fields available when creating a Service Alert are open to editing, like:
 +  * **Title**
 +  * **Description**
 +  * **Event Date Range**
 +  * **Visible Date Range**
 +  * **Severity**
 +  * **Solution**
 +  * **Email notification to subscribers**
 +Go to: **[[:​portal_guide|Portal Guide]] > [[:​tools_tab|Tools Tab]]**

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