Issue: Gobi 2000 SIM Status Unknown

Summary of the issue

Open Mobile may display the SIM status as unknown when they a Gobi 2000 device is present in the computer. This has only been experienced by users with certain laptops (HP Elitebook 8440p and HP Elitebook 6930p) containing an embedded device (HP UN2420).


When the user plugs-in a Mobile Broadband device, Windows allocates a COM port for each interface of the device and maintains the details in the registry under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\USB\, and when the device is plugged-out or the computer is restarted, Windows should clear these entries from the registry. In this case, Windows does not clear the registry when the device is plugged-out or the machine is restarted, and as a result, Open Mobile accesses the wrong COM port to communicate with the device.

Temporary Solution

The registry will have to be manually edited to fix this issue, and this may cause other issues (especially if it is done incorrectly). Please be cautious when editing the registry and make sure you save backups before making any changes.

To fix this issue:

1. Disable Mobile Broadband in Open Mobile.

2. Open the Device Manager (you can do this by pressing Windows key + R, typing devicemgr.msc, and pressing Enter) to find the original COM port for this device.

3. Under Modems, double-click on the device you are using.

4. In the dialog box, click the Modem tab and copy the Port detail (circled in the screenshot below). Keep the dialog box open for the next step.

5. In that same dialog box (from the previous step), click the Details tab to find the PnPIdentity.

6. Select Device Instance Path from the drop-down list.

7. Copy the PnPIdentity from the value as shown in the screenshot below.

8. Delete the unnecessary entries from the registry. Open the Registry Editor (you can do this by pressing Windows key + R, typing regedit, and pressing Enter).

9. Go to the path: HKEY_LCOAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\USB.

10. Go to the PnPIdentity folder found in step 7 (above).

11. Delete all folders that contain the incorrect COM port (found in step 4), shown in the screenshot below.

12. Enable Mobile Broadband in Open Mobile and check to see that the SIM status is now displayed correctly.

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