Threshold Alert

The Threshold Alert report is generated based on the values configured on the Service Threshold page. This report will let you know how much of your network users are using and for how long (based on the parameters set on the Service Threshold page) for the duration of one month.

To find the Service Threshold page on the OM Portal, go to the Configuration tab > Service Threshold.

Only users who exceed the watermark percentage configured in Services Threshold will appear in the Threshold Alert report.


Header: Displays information like:

  • Cumulative Session Length Threshold (for one month)
  • Cumulative Usage Threshold (for one month)
  • Report Date

User ID: Click on each unique User ID for more details on the user, like:

  • Session ID
  • Transaction ID
  • Description (a description of the location)
  • Session Start Time
  • Session End Time
  • Session Length
  • Data Usage

Threshold Type: This field will be populated with either the Cumulative Session Length (amount of time) or Cumulative Usage (megabytes) option, depending on which was selected on the Service Threshold page.

Cumulative Total: The total amount of time or megabytes accumulated by a specific user over the course of one month.

Threshold (%): This percentage represents how many minutes or megabytes a user consumed. If a user consumes less than 100% then it will appear as such, but if the percentage exceeds 100% then the “greater than” sign will appear (i.e. >100%). It represents how close a user has come to the length/usage threshold.

Quantity in Excess: This field displays the exact amount of time or megabytes with which the user exceeded the threshold value. If the user did not exceed the limit, then this field will be marked with two dashes.

You can search for a company with either their name or Company ID.


You can click the Download Report icon in the top-right corner to download a CSV file of this table.

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