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 +====== User Activity ======
 +The User Activity report shows data on user activity within the specified date range. This information can be useful when attempting to troubleshoot a user’s connectivity issues.
 +===== Search =====
 +The **User Activity** page displays a **Search** dialog box.
 +**To initiate a User Activity report:**
 +  - In the **User ID** dropdown menu, select one of the following:
 +    * **All User IDs** for all of your users.
 +    * **Specify User ID** for a specific user.
 +  - In the **Profile ID** dropdown menu, select one of the following:
 +    * **All Profile IDs** for all of your profiles.
 +    * **Specify Profile ID** for a specific profile.
 +  - After **Connections**,​ click **Inherited** (for a summary of only connections that Open Mobile inherited from the native connection client) or **Client-Initiated** (for a summary of only connection that Open Mobile initiated). ​
 +  - After **VPN**, click **Include VPN Drilldown (slow)** (if you want VPN session information included in the User Activity report) or **Exclude VPN Drilldown**.
 +  - After **Date Range**, click one of the date ranges shown or click the calendar icon to enter a custom date range.
 +  - When you are finished, click **Go** to run the report now or **Save for later** to send the report to the **[[saved_reports|Saved Report]]** page. You can return to the Search dialog box by clicking on the **Search** icon in the top-right corner of the User Activity page.
 +===== User Activity =====
 +This table will show all user activity over the date range that you chose and it contains the following columns:
 +    * **User ID**   ​identifies each user.
 +    * **OS** ​  is the Operating System on which the client is installed.
 +    * **Platform** ​  is the version of the client.
 +    * **Start Time** ​  is this session’s start time.
 +    * **Session Length** ​  is the length of this session.
 +    * **Status** ​  lists if the connection was a success or error.
 +    * **Paid Network** ​  shows whether the connection was over a paid network (Yes) or not (No).
 +    * **Network Type** ​  is the type of network for this connection (Wi-Fi, Mobile Broadband, Ethernet, etc).
 +    * **Network** ​  is the network that provided the connection (if applicable).
 +    * **Region** ​  is the region of the network directory (if applicable). **Note:​** ​  the region will not necessarily show the location of the connection, especially if the user connects to a network with an SSID that is in multiple directories.
 +    * **Profile** ​  is the Profile ID and Profile Name.
 +    * **Uploaded KB**   is the amount of data in kilobytes that were uploaded in this session.
 +    * **Downloaded KB**   is the amount of data in kilobytes that were downloaded in this session.
 +    * **Status Code** ​  is the status code reported by the client.
 +    * **Message** ​  is the message for the status code reported by the client.
 +    * **Inherited/​Initiated** ​  shows if the connection was initiated by the Open Mobile client or inherited from another connection client.
 +    * **Access Procedure** ​  shows the security type for the network (if applicable).
 +    * **VPN Drilldown** ​  will show a **VPN Info** ​  link with information on the VPN connection (if applicable). ​
 +You can click the **Download Report** ​  icon in the top-right corner to download an Excel spreadsheet of this table.
 +<note important>​If you are having trouble downloading a report, check your browser settings to make sure downloads are enabled. </​note>​
 +Go to: **[[:​portal_guide|Portal Guide]] > [[:​reports_tab|Reports Tab]]**  ​

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