Users Provisioned Report

The Users Provisioned Report displays the child companies set up under your account, the users provisioned for each companies, the date when the agreement was singed (or that no agreement has been signed yet), and the last time each company logged in.

At the top of the report is a summary with the total number of child companies, users provisioned, and agreements assigned across all of your child customers.

The table lists:

  • Company: The name of the child company.
  • # Users Provisioned: The total number of users provisioned by this company.
  • Agreement Signed Date: The date (and time)when an agreement was signed by this company. If an agreement has not been signed yet “NO-AGREEMENT” will display.
  • Last Login Date: The date (and time) when a user at this company last logged into the Open Mobile Portal.

To download a .CSV version of the report, click Download CSV at the bottom of the screen.

To refresh the report, click the refresh icon in the top-right corner of the page.

Go to: Portal Guide > Reports Tab


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