iPass for Windows

iPass makes secure, simple and effective network access a reality. No matter where work takes you, iPass provides on-demand global connectivity to the corporate network through Mobile Broadband (3G), Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and dial-up around the world. iPass administrators can centrally manage policies for access and security, allowing IT staff to enforce different actions based on specific events occurring on a user’s system and control how users connect. iPass can be customized to automatically launch and monitor other programs such as VPNs, personal firewalls, anti-virus applications, and Web browsers. This functionality ensures a secure and controlled session to address the critical requirements of today’s IT departments.

As an administrator, you will use the iPass Portal to configure your profiles, test, and then deploy clients to your user base. For more information on the iPass Portal, see the iPass Portal Guide. You can also use iPass Portal to run reports on your user base, usage patterns, and client deployment.

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Microsoft Azure Integration

Many customers have been asking for Azure support and we're happy to announce that iPass is now compatible with Microsoft Azure. The iPass compatible Azure Active Directory app and instructions on using Azure Active Directory with iPass SmartConnect can be found on the Microsoft site at the links below.


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