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Open Mobile enables you to connect to thousands of access points worldwide, using the global iPass network, private corporate access points, or even personal access points that you can define. You can use any of several connection types, including Mobile Broadband, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and dial, and securely access to both the Internet and your corporate resources. You will need valid iPass credentials to log in to your selected access point.

Your exact Open Mobile capabilities may vary from the general description given here, as different enterprises may enable different types of connections. Check with your support Help Desk for more information on the specifics of your Open Mobile configuration.

Available Networks

Open Mobile can automatically detect local broadband networks and makes it easy for you to connect to them. Depending on your laptop, the Available Networks listing can display accessible Mobile Broadband, Wi-Fi, and personal networks.

If in a locale with many networks, only a few are shown in the Available Networks list. Click Show More to display all detected networks. (The number in parentheses indicates the number of additional detected networks.) Click Show Less to return to the previous view.

Click Refresh to refresh the list of Available Networks.

  • If you have a Mobile Broadband device and an account with a Mobile Broadband carrier, Open Mobile will automatically scan for your Mobile Broadband network.
  • If your laptop is equipped with Wi-Fi, Open Mobile will automatically scan your area for local Wi-Fi hotspots.
  • If you connect an Ethernet or DSL network to your computer, Open Mobile will automatically detect the network and display it for connection.

Just select an available network, click Connect, sign in with valid credentials, and you will be connected. (For an iPass-enabled network, use your standard iPass credentials to log in.)

Click Details to see the details of your current connection.

Icons next to each network listing give additional information.

The System Tray Icon

When Open Mobile is running, its program icon is displayed in the Windows system tray. You can use this icon to perform a number of program tasks.

• Left-click the Open Mobile icon to display a smaller version of the Open Mobile interface.

• Double-click the icon to launch the full Open Mobile interface.

• Right-click the icon to show a detailed program menu. Depending on the options you have configured, this menu may include these options:

Menu Item Description
Application Name or URLLaunch the application, or launch the URL in a Web browser.
Online Hotspot Finder Locate a Wi-Fi hotspot (must be online).
Smartphone Client InformationLearn more about the smartphone versions of Open Mobile.
Connect to VPNConnect to the integrated VPN.
Generate Passcode(If enabled) Generates a passcode for token authentication.
OpenLaunch Open Mobile.
UpdateUpdate Open Mobile.
OptionsAdjust your Open Mobile preferences.
TutorialLaunch the Open Mobile tutorial.
AboutDisplay version and profile information.
ExitDisconnect and quit Open Mobile.

Display Preferences

Display preferences control the way Open Mobile is presented.

To set display preferences:

  1. In the Open Mobile window, select Options > Preferences > Display.
  2. The following display preferences may be set:
    • Minimize on Connect: After connecting, Open Mobile will minimize to the system tray icon.
    • Show Popup Messages: Connection and disconnection popup alerts will be shown from the system tray icon.
    • Show Quick Launch Toolbar: The Quick Launch Toolbar will be displayed in the Open Mobile interface.
    • Preferred Language: Select your preferred display language from the drop-down list, and then exit and re-launch Open Mobile to see your selected language displayed.

Information on where these preferences can be found in the registry (for use with deployment tools) can be found on this page: Display Preferences in the Registry.

Go to: Open Mobile for Windows Help


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