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Login Assist expedites the login process for many commonly visited Web sites by automatically presenting the user's credentials to the site's login page. Login Assist can be used on both external and internal web sites. Login Assist-enabled sites are configured in the Open Mobile Portal, and enabled for all users of a given profile.

Login Assist can be a powerful and convenient access management capability.


In order to use Login Assist with a website, the following is required:

  • The Login Assist entry must be included in the user's Open Mobile profile.
  • An account definition in the profile must be created (or assigned) to store the user's login credentials.
  • Users must use Microsoft Internet Explorer to browse to the site.
  • Windows User Account Control (UAC) must be disabled.
  • The feature uses an Internet Explorer Browser Helper Object (BHO). BHOs can sometimes be identified as spyware, so users may need to allow the BHO in their individual anti-spyware configuration, or administrators may need to whitelist the BHO in their enterprise anti-spyware configuration.
  • The site must have an HTML-based login page. The login entry cannot be part of a separate popup but must be contained in the page. (Flash logins are not supported.)

Because of the many variables in the dynamic, real-world environment of the World Wide Web, Login Assist is not guaranteed to work on all Web sites. However, for the vast majority of sites with HTML login pages, and reachable by Internet Explorer, Login Assist will be a major convenience for users.

Using Login Assist

When a user first browses in Internet Explorer to a site enabled for Login Assist, Open Mobile prompts for login credentials and stores them. On all subsequent visits, Open Mobile automatically supplies the stored credentials to the site. The administrator can also enable automatic credential submission, which triggers the submit button and makes the login process automatic.

The user is informed when credentials are being passed and when automatic logins are taking place. As a result, users can log in to enabled sites with no (or very little) interaction.


If Auto-Submit is configured for the site, Open Mobile will automatically trigger the submission button on the login page after the credentials are entered. When logging into a site with Auto-Submit configured, the user will receive a message that reads, “Logging into <site>” where <site> is the name of the site.

If Auto-Submit is not configured, the user will need to click the button manually, after Open Mobile automatically passes the credentials. When logging into a site without Auto-Submit configured, the user will receive a message that reading “Passing credentials to <site>” where <site> is the name of the site.

Quick Launch

Login Assist can work in conjunction with Quick Launch (although it is not required). A Quick Launch item can be created to launch a Login Assist-enabled site. Login Assist will then automatically pass the credentials to the launched site. If Auto-Submit is enabled, site login will be a routine 1-click experience for the user (just by clicking the Quick Launch menu item). In order for this process to work optimally, Microsoft Internet Explorer must be set as the user's default browser.

More Information

For information on using and configuring Login Assist, see Login Assist.

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