News and Messaging

Open Mobile includes three features to allow users to receive news and messaging, and perform Internet searches. These capabilities are enabled in the Open Mobile Portal. See Manage Profiles for more information.

RSS Feeds

You can enable an RSS feed for Open Mobile, specifying a single URI for news and headlines to be streamed to users. The RSS feed is only displayed if the user is connected to the Internet.

SMS Messaging

If enabled, users with an SMS-capable device can send, receive, reply to, and delete SMS messages directly in Open Mobile. This capability is available whether or not the user is connected to the Internet.

If enabled, users will be able to perform Internet searches directly in Open Mobile with a search engine of your choice. Search is only displayed if the user is connected to the Internet.

You will be required to specify your search engine in a search file. For complete details of the search file requirements, see Brand Search

Enabling any or all of the news and messaging features may slightly affect the layout of the Open Mobile user interface. In particular, the Connect/Disconnect button may be relocated. However, no functionality will be impacted.

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