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 +====== ODF Wizard ======
 +//Available for Windows clients 2.4.0 and later//
 +The ODF wizard can be used for help in creating and ODF XML file for upload to the Open Mobile Portal.
 +===== Using the ODF Wizard =====
 +**To use the ODF Wizard:**
 +1). Plug in the Mobile Broadband device that you would like to create an ODF integration for. 
 +2). With Open Mobile running and open, press the hotkey CTRL + SHIFT + O to launch the ODF Wizard. Click **Yes** to stop the iMobility service.
 +{{  ::​odfwizard1.jpg?​400 ​ }}
 +3). The detected modems will be listed. Select the one that you would like to create an ODF integration for. Select the type of device (GSM or CDMA), and then click **Next**.
 +{{  ::​odfwizard2.jpg?​400 ​ }}
 +4). The details that the ODF wizard discovered will be listed in the next screen along with any details or warnings. After reviewing, click **Next** to continue.
 +{{  ::​odfwizard3.jpg?​400 ​ }}
 +5). Change any of the configurations as you see fit. Hover over the blue question mark icons for help or review the {{:​odf_training_workbook.pdf|iPass ODF Training Workbook}}. Select any flags and click the down arrow to select them. Make sure you select all of the Operating Systems you would like this ODF integrated for. When you are finished, click **Next** to continue.
 +{{  ::​odfwizard4.jpg?​400 ​ }}
 +6). Review the XML, and then click **Test** to test it. When you are finished, click **Save** to save the XML, and then click **Finish** to exit the tool.
 +{{  ::​odfwizard5.jpg?​400 ​ }}
 +7). Upload the XML file to the Open Mobile Portal in the **Configuration** > **Device Support** page. For more information see [[device_support|Device Support]].
 +Go to: **[[:​windows_help|Open Mobile for Windows Help]]**
 +{{tag>​odf_wizard device_support device_integration odf open_mobile_for_windows}}

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