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 +======Activation Code======
 +To activate Open Mobile with an Activation Code you must:
 +**1.** Ensure you have the following items:
 +    * Internet connection
 +    * PIN (if necessary)
 +    * Activation Code 
 +**2.** On the Open Mobile main screen, tap **More** (three dots at the bottom) and tap the **ACTIVATE** button.
 +**3.** On the next screen, tap the **Activation Code** button. You have to be connected to the Internet for the button to work.
 + ​{{ ​ ::​activation1.png?​200 ​ }}
 +**4.** Enter your **Activation Code** or **Profile ID** and then tap the **Verify Now** button.
 + ​{{ ​ ::​activation2.png?​200 ​ }}
 +  * If the Activation Code is entered correctly, Open Mobile will be activated and you will see a congratulations screen. Tap the **Finish** button on this screen. Your configuration profile will be automatically downloaded and installed, and then you will be returned to the main screen. ​
 +  * If the Profile ID is entered correctly, you will be taken to the next screen where Profile ID is pre-filled. Enter your **PIN** and **Email** to activate. If you don't have a PIN, leave this field blank. Tap the **Activate** button and after Open Mobile activates, you will be returned to the main screen.
 + ​{{ ​ ::​activation3.png?​207 ​ }}
 +Go to: **[[:​windows_phone_help_page|Open Mobile for Windows Phone]] > [[windows_phone_installation|Installation]]**

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