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 +======How to Connect to Wi-Fi======
 +Open Mobile works with the native Windows Phone Wi-Fi settings to connect users to the Internet.
 +**To connect to an iPass network:**
 +  - Touch the **Tap to Connect** button on the Open Mobile main screen. This button will take users to their device'​s Wi-Fi list.
 +  - Tap on a network with **Check for iPass** below it.
 +  - Return to the Open Mobile main screen to verify the connection.
 +=====Turning Wi-Fi On/Off=====
 +To turn on/off a device'​s Wi-Fi, swipe the Wi-Fi networking bar from **Off** to **On** (or vice versa) on the Wi-Fi list screen.
 +Go to: **[[:​windows_phone_help_page|Open Mobile for Windows Phone]] > [[:​windows_phone_interface| User Interface]]**

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