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 +====== How to Connect to Wi-Fi ======
 +After Open Mobile is installed, it works in the background with Windows to connect users to hundreds of thousands of iPass hotspots around the world. The user simply connects to an iPass Wi-Fi hotspot using Windows 8, and iPass authenticates in the background.
 +<note important>​Before connecting to a hotspot, save your account credentials in **[[windows_touch_settings&#​account| Settings > Account]]**. If you don't do this beforehand, you will be prompted for  your Username, Password, and Domain after step 5 (below). </​note>​
 +**Connecting to a hotspot:**
 +  -Open the Charms bar by swiping your finger from the right edge of the screen or holding the curser on the top-right corner of the screen (if you are using a mouse) until it appears.
 +  -Tap or click **Settings**.
 +  -Tap or click the networks icon (it shows bars of signal strength).
 +  -Tap or click on the hotspot you would like to connect to. The Hotspot Finder can be used to locate all iPass hotspots in a location.
 +  -Tap or click the **Connect** button. The user can automatically connect to this network in the future by tapping or clicking the box next to **Connect automatically** (a checkmark will appear).  ​
 +  -If it is an iPass hotspot, Open Mobile will authenticate you in the background, show that you have connected, and display a **Log Off** button on the main screen. ​
 +{{  ::​om_touch_connecting.png?​650 ​ }}
 +Go to: **[[windows_touch_help|Open Mobile for Windows Touch]] > [[windows_touch_interface|User Interface]]**

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