Main Screen

Connection Status Indicator

The Connection Status Indicator will let a user know if they are online or offline.  

Find Hotspots

Tapping the Find Hotspots button will open the hotspot finder feature, where users search for networks near them.

Find Hotspots Offline

For information on finding hotspots while offline or traveling, please visit Travel Preferences.

Speed Test

Tapping the Speed Test button will open the Speed Test feature, allowing users to measure the latency, packet loss, download speed, and upload speed of a connection.

Take A Tour

By tapping Take a tour, users can access a series of informative panels that briefly describe Open Mobile.

How to Connect to Wi-Fi

After Open Mobile is installed, it works in the background with Windows to connect users to hundreds of thousands of iPass hotspots around the world. The user simply connects to an iPass Wi-Fi hotspot using Windows 8, and iPass authenticates in the background.


Open the Settings options by swiping your finger from the right edge of the screen or holding the cursor on the top-right corner of the screen (if you are using a mouse) until the Windows Charm appears, and then, tap or click Settings. The following options will appear:

  • Travel Preferences
  • Account
  • About
  • Update
  • Help
  • Replace Profile
  • Advanced Settings
  • Privacy Policy
  • Permissions
  • Rate and review

For details on the settings options listed above, please see the Settings help page.

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