Networks and Policies

After Open Mobile is installed, it works in the background with Windows to connect you to hundreds of thousands of iPass hotspots around the world. Simply connect to an iPass Wi-Fi hotspot using Windows 8, and iPass will authenticate you in the background.

Due to a limitation in Windows 8, Open Mobile has to work in the background with the operating system to connect users to iPass hotspots. Unlike other versions of the client, users cannot choose a hotspot and connect directly through Open Mobile.

Configuring Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is enabled by default (and cannot be disabled). 

To assign directories to this profile, select each one from the Available Lists (on the left), and click the right arrow (>) button to add them to the Assigned Lists (on the right). You can add iPass and custom directories. When you are finished, click Save.

Even though OpenAccess and iPass Inflight directories may be listed as available, these networks might not work with this version of Open Mobile. Please see the latest version of the Release Notes for more details.
Authentication Settings

After network lists have been assigned, authentication format overrides can be applied by clicking Authentication Settings above the Assigned Lists. Accounts are generally assigned to an entire profile, and connections made using the account will use the authorization format defined for the account. However, accounts can be assigned for directories. Any authorization formats assigned to such accounts will override the more general one.

Hotspot Finder

The In-App Hotspot Finder provides the user with detailed venue information, a map, and directions to hotspot locations, and other features described here. This option also gives your users access to the Offline Hotspot Finder.

There is an option to configure the Hotspot Finder but this feature is not currently available for Open Mobile for Windows Touch.

Speed Test

Test the speed and quality of your connection with the Connection Profiler feature.

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