Speed Test

The Speed Test measures the latency, download speed, and upload speed of a connection. When a Speed Test is initiated, Open Mobile will ping test servers and choose the one with the fastest response. Open Mobile will then download a test file from that server and upload a test file to that server. After the test is complete, Open Mobile will display the results and indicate the connection quality on the Welcome Screen (in the center circle).

Connection quality will vary based on a number of factors (such as the number of users at a location, the signal strength, or provider network congestion). iPass cannot always guarantee the speed of available networks.

To test the speed of your connection:

  1. Navigate to the Speed Test screen by tapping or clicking the SPEED TEST button on the Welcome screen (or swiping over).
  2. Tap or click Start Speed Test. You can tap or click Cancel to stop the test at any time.
  3. When the test is finished, your connection’s latency will be displayed in milliseconds and its download and upload speed will be displayed in megabits or kilobits per second. A highlighted icon will estimate whether your connection is suitable for (from slowest to fastest): email, Web, voice, or video streaming.

The user can retest the speed at any time by tapping or clicking RESTART SPEED TEST.

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