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 +======Speed Test======
 +The Speed Test measures the latency, download speed, and upload speed of a connection. When a Speed Test is initiated, Open Mobile will ping test servers and choose the one with the fastest response. Open Mobile will then download a test file from that server and upload a test file to that server. After the test is complete, Open Mobile will display the results and indicate the connection quality on the Welcome Screen (in the center circle).
 +<note important>​Connection quality will vary based on a number of factors (such as the number of users at a location, the signal strength, or provider network congestion). iPass cannot always guarantee the speed of available networks.</​note>​
 +**To test the speed of your connection:​**
 +  -Navigate to the Speed Test screen by tapping or clicking the **SPEED TEST** button on the Welcome screen (or swiping over).
 +  -Tap or click **Start Speed Test**. You can tap or click **Cancel** to stop the test at any time.
 +  -When the test is finished, your connection’s latency will be displayed in milliseconds and its download and upload speed will be displayed in megabits or kilobits per second. A highlighted icon will estimate whether your connection is suitable for (from slowest to fastest): email, Web, voice, or video streaming.
 +The user can retest the speed at any time by tapping or clicking **RESTART SPEED TEST**.
 +{{  :​om_touch_speed_test.png?​500 ​ }}
 +Go to: **[[windows_touch_help|Open Mobile for Windows Touch]] > [[windows_touch_interface|User Interface]]**

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