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 +====== User Selected VPN ======
 +If **User Selected** is chosen as the [[configure_vpn|VPN Integration]] in the Open Mobile Portal (for a Windows client 2.4.0 or later), the user can select and configure the integrated VPN in the application (as described below).
 +**To Configure a User Selected VPN**
 +  - In the Open Mobile window, click **Options**.
 +  - Under **Preferences**,​ click **VPN** and then click the **Configure** button. A new window will open.
 +  - In the drop-down list next to **VPN**, select your VPN.
 +  - In the drop-down list next to **VPN Gateway/​Profile**,​ select the VPN Gateway.
 +  - Under **Automatically Launch VPN when**, select when you want the VPN to launch:
 +    * **Connected by Wi-Fi**
 +    * **Connected by Ethernet**
 +    * **Connected by Mobile Broadband**
 +    * **Connected by Dial**
 +  - In the last box, select what information to send to log in to the VPN when it launches (select one):
 +    * Enter a **Username** and **Password**. ​
 +    * Select an **Account** from the drop-down list to use for logging in.
 +    * Select **Use Certificate** to use a certificate. **Note:** This feature is not currently available.
 +  - When you are finished, click **Save**.
 +<note important>​The **Use Certificate** to authenticate option is not currently supported for this feature.</​note>​
 +[[:​windows_help|Open Mobile for Windows Help]] > [[windows_vpn|VPN Integration]]
 +{{tag>​vpn_integration user_selected_vpn windows}}

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