Adding an new admin

To add an admin:

  1. Optionally, in Company ID, enter the company ID of the user’s company
  2. Enter the Username, which must be the roaming username (the username used to log in to Open Mobile with the domain included). NOTE: If this is a Hosted Admin, the domain is already included in the field (and should not be added).
  3. Enter the user name’s first name, last name and email address.
  4. Optionally, enter the Contracts Employee ID (the employee ID of the Account Manager specified in the Contract Database).
  5. Under Roles, using the arrow keys, assign roles to the user by moving one or more roles from the Unassigned Roles to the Assigned Roles column. NOTE: Use the search option on the right to filter through all Unassigned Roles.
  6. Click Save
If you switched to a Child Company with Hosted Authentication allowed, the first entry you will see is Admin Type. Select Admin (for Administrators with credentials hosted on their own servers) or Hosted Admin (for Administrators with credentials hosted by iPass).

Go to: Account Tab > Manage Administrators


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