Add User (User/Admin Specified)

To add a user account:

1. Fill in the required user details like First Name, Last Name, and Email.

2. The CostCenter Code field makes it possible to export users and view their respective CostCenter fields. They also help group and manage users for billing and reporting purposes. For more information, please visit the Cost Center Management help page.

3. Fill in the user's Home Country (this field is optional).

4. Fill in the User Account Information like Username (the domain will automatically appear based on your account), Password, and Re-type Password.

5. If appropriate, check the Enable Portal Login box. For more information on enabling users to obtain portal login access, please click here.

6. Under Email Notification Settings, you can select to send an Activation Email and /or Suspension Email to end users.

7. Use the arrow buttons to assign or unassign a user to a group. For more information on creating groups (which needs to be done before assigning users), please visit our Group Management help page.

8. Click Save.

If Trial End User is selected in Hosted Auth Setup, then the process for adding a user will require extra information billing and email notifications. Click here for more information.

Go to: Hosted Users > Add User


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