Advanced Authentication Settings

To enable additional authentication, click the checkbox (so that a check mark appears in the box) and then click Save.

By selecting Allow additional authentication, an additional authentication request will automatically send when the user connects to an iPass network. This request will confirm that any rejection was the result of incorrect login credentials (username, password, etc.) instead of a problem with that particular hotspot. This additional request will prevent the client software from incorrectly prompting the user to check his or her login credentials.

We recommend that you enable this setting for the best user experience.

However, there are a few reasons that you may want to keep this setting disabled (and why it is not set as a default). Examples of when you should not enable this setting are:

  • If you are using one-time passwords
  • If you have a strict account-lockout policy on bad connection attempts
  • If you disallow multiple logins on your AAA server

Configuration Settings > Connectivity > Configure Accounts


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