Activation Code

You can have your users activate with a specific profile by sending them the Profile ID and the optional PIN. Follow the instructions below to activate with an Activation Code:

1. Download the app.

2. Tap Accept on the Terms of Service.

3. On the welcome screen, tap the Activation Code button. You need to be connected to the Internet.

4. Enter your Profile ID or Activation Code and then tap the Verify Now button.

  • If the Activation Code is entered correctly, Open Mobile will be activated and you will see a congratulations screen. Tap the Finish button on this screen and you will be returned to the welcome screen.
  • If the Profile ID is entered correctly, you will be take to another screen where you need to enter your Profile ID (pre-filled), PIN, and Email. If you don't have a PIN, leave this field blank. Tap the OK button and after Open Mobile activates, you will be returned to the welcome screen.

NOTE: Test Profile Mode- If you are testing the app, tap the bottom left corner of the screen three times to enter Test Profile Mode before entering the Profile ID and PIN. A pop-up will inform you that test mode has been enabled.

Go to: Open Mobile for Android > Installation


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