Installation of the Android client can be accomplished by either an activation email or by download from the Android Market.

This page includes details on the following:

System Requirements

The latest version of Android requires:

  • A Wi-Fi capable phone running Android OS 2.3 and later.
  • A screen with HVGA or higher resolution.
  • The app can be distributed through the Android Market, private market, Web sites, or email.
  • Users need an iPass account in order for the service to function. In addition, the user must be connected to the Internet (by Wi-Fi or 3G network) to activate Open Mobile.
  • Supported Languages: English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, and Thai.
Required Network Configurations

Click here for a complete list of required network configurations for Open Mobile access.

Installation and Activation

In most cases, the Travel Preferences screen will automatically appear when Open Mobile activates, prompting users to enhance their connection experience by selecting regions they frequently travel.
  • Downloading from the Google Play Store: The app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and activated from the Welcome Screen.
  • Activation Email: A pre-written email with download and activation instructions is available in the Open Mobile Portal (see Market Distribution). The instructions include an Activation URL that a user who has downloaded the application can tap to perform an automatic activation. You can review and make any necessary changes to the email before sending it out.
  • Private Installer: For instructions on installing from a private installer, please click here.

Unactivated Clients

A user without the correct Profile ID and PIN can tap Activate Later on the Welcome screen. Without activation, the user has access to the Usage Meter and Hotspot Finder, but cannot use the app to connect to iPass networks. The app can be activated at any time by tapping Menu | Activate.

Activation Failure Logs

If the profile activation fails, the app will collect this information in a troubleshooting log, which can then be sent for diagnosis to the appropriate party, such as your technical support team.

If activation fails, the user can take the following steps:

  1. Tap Menu > Help > Report a Problem.
  2. Select a method for sending the logs (the choice varies by device depending on what you have installed). The easiest method is most likely email.
    • If you select email, an email will open with logs attached to the email and the To field will be auto-populated with Please describe the problem in the body of the email.
  3. Tap Send.

Your technical support representatives can then retrieve and view the file for more information.


To uninstall the app, the user can browse to Settings | Applications | Manage Applications, select the app from the list, and then tap the Uninstall button.

Automatic Credential Assignment

Automatic credential assignment makes it so users don't need to enter their username or password to use and connect with Open Mobile. Credentials are automatically assigned in the background, once users have been verified. For more information, please visit the Automatic Credential Assignment help page.

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