Travel Preferences

Travel Preferences gives users the opportunity to enhance their connection experience when traveling or when they're not connected to the Internet by downloading hotspot information about regions they frequently visit. Once they have hotspot information, users can look up locations while they're on the road or offline by tapping the Hotspot Finder button on the main screen.

  • Country of residence: The user's country of residence. (Users have the option to select None.)
  • Where do you travel?: Users should select regions based on their travels. Once a region has been selected, Open Mobile will download all corresponding hotspot information. Users can access the hotspot information when they're offline and traveling by simply tapping the Hotspot Finder button on the main screen.
  • Display maps and hotspot details: Open Mobile stores hotspot locations for users to access when they are offline. However, enabling this option allows Open Mobile to connect to the Internet and download maps and more details for a richer Hotspot Finder experience.

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