Usage Meter

There are three dialogs in the Usage Meter section. To move between them swipe your finger from left to right (or right to left).

Cellular Data Usage

To set the cellular data limit:

  1. Tap the Set Limit button () to open the Cellular Data Usage Alerts dialog.
  2. Tap the box under My billing begins on to set the calendar day when your monthly billing cycle begins.
  3. To set your monthly limit (in gigabytes or megabytes), first tap the box next to Alert me when I am near my monthly limit (to add a check mark), and then tap the box under My monthly limit is to enter your monthly limit.
  4. Tap Save.

Application Data Usage

This dialog will display a list of the user’s top ten applications in order of their data usage (showing the total usage and each applications percentage of the total).

Recent Connections

This dialog will display your twenty most recent network connections. Tap trashcan button, if shown, to clear the connection history.

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