Auth Request Summary

This report allows you to monitor the performance of your roam servers, displaying authentication requests, and successful and failed authentications.

The blue banner atop the report page displays:

  • Current Month
  • Total Authentication Requests (in the current month)
  • Total Successes (in the current month)

Chart View

The graphs described below display request information for the current month as well the 3 previous months (4 months in total).

Auth Requests

This graph displays the total amount of authentication requests and total amount of successful authentications. Hovering over the graph lines will display request amounts in a small dialog box.

Max. Requests Per Hour

This bar graph displays the maximum amount of authentication requests received per hour for a given month. Hovering over a bar will display the total amount of requests in a small dialog box.

Detailed View

Under the User ID column, you will find a plus-sign icon next to a specific date where you can click to expand for further details.

  • User ID: This ID refers to a specific user and can show up multiple times in this report.
  • Prefix: A user's prefix.
  • Domain: A user's domain.
  • Authentication Time: The exact time a user was authenticated.
  • Status Code: The status code describes the status of a request, whether it was a success or failure. For a detailed list on the types of status codes you might encounter, please click here.

You can search for a company with either their name or Company ID.


You can click the Download Report icon in the top-right corner to download a CSV file of the table. This process may take a few minutes because you will be downloading 7 days worth of data.

If you are having trouble downloading a report, check your browser settings to make sure downloads are enabled.

Go to: Portal Guide > Reports Tab


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