Configure Hotspot Finder

Available for: Android clients, iOS clients.

For clients later than Android 2.8.0 and iOS 3.2.0, there are two options:

  • In-App Hotspot Finder: The In-App Hotspot Finder provides the user with detailed venue information, a map, directions to hotspot locations, and other features. This option also give your users access to the Hotspot Finder in offline mode.
  • Web Based Hotspot Finder: Choose this option to direct your users to a website with a Hotspot Finder. You can leave the default address in the Hotspot Finder URL field or enter a custom URL to direct users to your own Hotspot Finder website. If you choose this option your users will not have access to the hotspot finder in offline mode.

For earlier clients, you can choose the default or a custom Web Based Hotspot Finder.

Configuration Settings > Connectivity > Configure Networks and Policies


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