Configure Wi-Fi Networks

Available for: all clients.

Open Mobile can detect and connect to Wi-Fi networks.

Authentication Format Override

You can specify the authentication format used by an account, with a format used just for Wi-Fi connections. You can also specify the authentication format for connections made using specific Wi-Fi directories. These authentication formats will override the account’s default authentication format. Authentication tokens used in overrides must already be defined in the account.

This is an advanced feature and will not be required for most Open Mobile profiles.

To specify an authentication format override for Wi-Fi connections:

  1. In Default Account, select the account used for Wi-Fi connections.
  2. In Authentication Format Override, specify the new format.

To specify an authentication format override for one or more Wi-Fi directories:

  1. Under Assign or Remove Wi-Fi Hotspot Lists, using the arrow keys, assign one or more directories to the profile.
  2. In the Assigned Lists column, click Set Authentication Format.
  3. For each directory in the list for which you wish to use a new authentication format:
    • Under Account, select the account used.
    • Under Auth Format Override, enter the new authentication format used.
    • Under Enable USID, select whether to use Unique Session ID for connections.
    • (For Android 2.2 and later clients) Under Forced Auto-Connect, select whether to force users to automatically connect to access points in the directory when within range.
  4. Click Save.

Forced Auto-Connect

Available for: Android 2.2 and later clients.

If enabled for a directory that is included in an Android 2.2 client, users will be forced to connect automatically to Wi-Fi hotspots in the directory when within range. This can be an effective way to enforce user connections to Wi-Fi, rather than the more costly Mobile Broadband connections.

Wi-Fi Network Directories

By default, your users will be able to connect to iPass Wi-Fi networks. In addition, you can choose to enable one or more previously uploaded Wi-Fi networks to which your users can connect.

To add one or more Wi-Fi networks to Open Mobile, using the arrow controls, move the directories from the Available Directories column to the Assigned Directories column. Use the up and down arrows to change the sort order of the assigned directories.

OpenAccess: OpenAccess Wi-Fi access points are free connections included in the iPass network. If enabled, users can connect to OpenAccess networks at no additional charge. To enable OpenAccess in Open Mobile, add the OpenAccess directory to the profile.

Opt-In Services: Additional directories, such as Swisscom, are available as opt-in services. If a user attempts to connect to a service to which your enterprise has not opted in, the authentication will fail.

Authentication Settings

You can configure the authentication settings for each directory by clicking the Authentication Settings link.

You may see the following fields depending on the client and version you are configuring.

  • Network: Lists the network directories
  • Account: Select an account to use for connecting to a network in this directory.
  • Auth Format Override: Enter an authentication format override for networks in this directory.
  • Enable USID: Select Yes (default) to enable USID or No to disable USID for networks in this directory. For more information on USID, see Configure Accounts.
  • Auto-Connect Eligible: Select Yes (default) to allow auto-connect or No to disallow auto-connect for networks in this directory (Windows 2.2.0 and later clients only).

Advanced Wi-Fi Options

Enable Wi-Fi in order to be able to configure advanced Wi-Fi settings, which provide additional connectivity options.

  • Allow the user to disable the use of the client for managing Wi-Fi connections: if selected, the user will can disable Open Mobile for managing Wi-Fi connections.
  • Allow Wi-Fi to connect simultaneously with Mobile Broadband or Ethernet: (Windows 2.1.0 and later) if selected, the user will be able to connect to multiple networks at a time or MNAAT (for example, a user will not be disconnected from a Wi-Fi network when they dock their laptop and connect by Ethernet). If not selected, the user will only be able to connect to one network at a time (ONAAT).
  • Personal Networks: (Windows, Mac OS X only) If enabled, end users will be able to configure and save personal network settings in Open Mobile for use on their machine.
  • Enable 802.1x Network Configuration: (Windows only) If enabled, Open Mobile will be able to scan for, define, and test 802.1x networks (such as EAP-TLS). Select one of the following options:
    • View and edit network configurations: Users will be able to view and change 802.1x settings.
    • View, edit, and export network configurations: Users will be able to view and change 802.1x settings. In addition, users will be able to export their network settings to a file, which you can include in profiles for use by other users.

Configuration Settings > Connectivity > Configure Networks and Policies


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