Conflict Detection

Available for: Windows 2.x clients.

The Conflict Detection tool, available for Windows 2.0 and later clients, enables you to configure settings to enable Open Mobile to interoperate with other connection manager applications.

Connection management applications use various system resources, such as network adapters. Some connections managers require an exclusive use of some of these resources. This may interfere with Open Mobile operations, resulting in various conflicts. In order for Open Mobile to function with such connections managers, it needs to determine conflicts and resolve them.

To enable Conflict Detector for a profile, you will need to configure an XML file with your Conflict Detector settings, and then upload it to a profile. For information on Conflict Detector and how to configure a conflict detector XML file, see the Conflict Detector User Guide.

To add Conflict Detector to a profile:

  1. On the Configure Profiles page, next to Conflict Detection, click Configure.
  2. On the Conflict Detection page, select Enable Conflict Detection.
  3. Under Upload File, click Browse, and browse to your conflict detection file.
  4. Click Save. The file is added to the Open Mobile Profile.

Create a New Profile > Configuration Settings > Integration


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