Creating a Client Brand

A client brand comprises the set of icons, images, text strings, additional help content, and colors you choose to include in the client’s look and feel.

Branding requires that you make design decisions, create product and component names, and upload image files for client components. You should assemble the required files and text labels before beginning the process of creating a brand.

Once you have created one or more client or portal brands, you can publish them to production. Only one brand may be active at a time. A brand cannot be deleted, since deleting a brand could cause conflicts with deployed profiles using that brand.

For a complete list of client branding options, select a client version:

To create a new client brand for a supported platform,

  1. Click the Configuration tab.
  2. On the Manage Brands page, click Create a Brand.
  3. On the Create a Brand tab, in Brand Name, enter a new brand name.
  4. Under Platform, select a platform for the brand from the drop-down list.
  5. (For Android clients) Under Class, select a class of brand from the drop-down list.
  6. Under Software Version, select the version number of Open Mobile for which the brand is intended.
  7. (For Android clients) In Package, select a previously registered package name to associate with the brand.
  8. Select the branding tabs as needed to enter your desired branding elements. Note: the Image Map interactively displays the components of the Open Mobile user interface, as you change them, so you can preview your brand before you save it.
  9. When the brand is complete, click Save.

Once created, you can publish the brand so that you can include it in your Open Mobile profiles.

Visual Style Guidelines:
  • Keep your choice of colors within a monochromatic family of hues (such as blue, aqua, or green) to promote color harmonies.
  • Use a maximum of three separate shades to simplify the client’s appearance.
  • Choose colors with a low saturation to avoid dazzling the viewer.

Portal Guide > Configuration Tab > Manage Brands


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