Create a Portal Brand

You can create and then publish a brand for your Open Mobile Portal users. A Portal brand consists of these elements:

  • Brand Name
  • Corporate Logo
  • Custom Dashboard (Carrier customers can optionally replace the Portal Dashboard with their own content, if desired.)
Portal Brand Elements Specification
Brand Name
Brand Name Alphanumeric string, max 35 characters. Required.
Corporate Logo 115px (w) x 25px (h), PNG format, and 5 KB file size. Required.
Dashboard Title Alphanumeric String (carrier customers only)
Dashboard Content Valid XML file. (carrier customers only). For more information, see Brand Dashboard

An interactive Image Map shows a live preview of your brand as you create it.

To create a Portal brand:

  1. Click Manage Portal Brands.
  2. Click Create a Brand.
  3. On the Brand Name tab, enter a new brand name.
  4. Click the Settings tab.
  5. Under Logo, click Browse to your corporate logo image and select it. Note: in the interactive Image Map, above the tabs, each element is labeled. You can see the effect your branding will have on the appearance of the Portal.
  6. If desired, in Dashboard Title, enter the name of your custom Dashboard. In Dashboard Content, click Browse to browse to your Dashboard content file. Note: click Preview to preview how the Dashboard content will be displayed. If you need to make changes, edit the content, upload it again, and preview the new content as needed.
  7. Select Show Tickets Panel to display the Tickets panel.
  8. Select Show Service Alerts to display the Service Alerts panel.
  9. Click Save.

Portal Guide > Account Tab > Manage Portal Brands


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