Create a new role

To create a new role:

  1. Click Create New Role.
  2. In Role Name, enter the name of the role.
  3. In Role Description, enter the description of the role.
  4. Under Assigned Roles and Privileges, click Expand All to view all roles and the privileges currently assigned to each role.
  5. Select one or more roles and privileges from the list, and then click the right arrow to move your selections to the Selected Roles list. (You can click View Assigned Privileges to view a summary of the current privileges assigned to the role.) Note: Assigning a role to another role will include all the assigned role’s privileges in the second role, and will make the new role into a child of the assigned role. For example, if Role A were assigned to Role B, then Role B would include all the privileges of Role A, and Role B would be a child of Role A. In addition, you could add additional privileges to Role B beside the ones included in Role A, or even add other roles.
  6. Using the arrow controls, continue selecting roles and privileges until the new role is complete.
  7. Click Save.
Use the search option to filter through the Available Roles list.

Portal Guide > Account Tab > Manage Roles


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