Custom Reports

Some of the reports found on the Custom Reports page are near End-of-Life (EOL). For more information on this, please visit our EOL for Legacy Features page.

The Custom Reports page includes reports which have been customized and provided for customers (based on different factors like contract agreements).

System-generated reports may be uploaded by Open Mobile or the BIS team on a regular basis. In other instances, manual reports may be uploaded by the billing team, on a case-by-case basis. Because many reports on the Custom Reports are created and uploaded by other teams, the Open Mobile Portal cannot guarantee the timeliness and accuracy of these reports.

Most of these reports are available for downloading through the REST API. For more information on this, please see our API Documentation help pages, where you will find instructions for downloading several types of reports through the REST API

To download a report, simply click on the appropriate file name. If you are having trouble downloading a report, check your browser settings to make sure downloads are enabled.

Go to: Portal Guide > Reports Tab


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