Deleting a Profile

You can choose to delete all versions of a profile, or just the latest version. Deleting the latest version of a profile will cause the previous version to become the latest version. (If there is no other version of this profile, the entire profile will be deleted.)

You can delete a profile regardless of its status.

Deleted profiles can be recovered.

To delete a profile:

  1. Click Configuration | Manage Profiles.
  2. Find the profile you wish to view, and in the Select an action dropdown menu next to the profile, select Manage.
  3. Under Actions, select Delete Profile from the drop-down list.
  4. Select one of the following delete options:
    • Delete version <N>, where N is the latest version of this profile. Deleting this version will make the previous version of the profile into the current version. If this is the only version of the profile, it will be completely deleted.
    • Delete all the profile versions: This will delete all versions of this profile. This action cannot be undone.
  5. Click Yes, I want to delete it.
  6. Click Yes to confirm deletion.

Go to: Configuration Tab > Manage Profiles > Configuration Settings


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