Device Support

The Device Support page enables you to manage your Mobile Broadband devices. These Mobile Broadband devices may be integrated with Open Mobile in one of the following ways:

  • Full Integration: devices that are fully integrated have support included in Open Mobile and tested by iPass. Open Mobile integrates over one hundred Mobile Broadband device models from major manufacturers. These fully integrated devices work smoothly with Open Mobile right out of the box. You need take no further actions to use them for Open Mobile connections.
  • ODF Integration: Open Device Framework (ODF) is a toolkit for extending support to devices that are not officially integrated in Open Mobile, enabling you to use such devices for Open Mobile connections. ODF integration involves creating and testing an XML integration file for each device model, verifying its functionality, and then including the integration file in an Open Mobile profile. iPass maintains a library of sample ODF support files that customers can use in their own integrations. In addition, customers are able to create their own integration files for devices that iPass has not yet covered.

Use the Device Support page to add your own integration files to Open Mobile. These files can then be used as part of your Open Mobile profiles.

You can search the device library to check if the device is supported by Open Mobile.

To verify support of a device in Open Mobile:

  1. Under Search for Device Support, select your search criteria using the drop-down lists.
  2. Click Search. Any devices matching your search criteria are shown on one of three tabs:
    • Integrated Support: The Integrated Support tab lists devices that are already fully integrated with Open Mobile.
    • ODF Samples: iPass has created sample ODF integration files for devices shown on the ODF Samples tab. You can download and use any of these files as a basis for creating your own device integrations. These files will require adjustments, testing, and verification before you deploy them in profiles, to ensure that they will work correctly with your particular device. Because of the similarity of many devices, especially those from the same manufacturers, it may be possible to adapt a sample ODF file for a device that is similar to yours for your own requirements.
    • My Device Support: Devices shown on the My Device Support tab have been integrated by your enterprise, using the ODF integration instructions given by iPass.

My Devices Support

You can integrate a wide variety of devices using the ODF toolkit. For more information, consult the iPass ODF Training Workbook.

The My Device Support tab includes sample device ODF integration files that you can use as a starting point for the creation of your own integration files. In addition, you can create files from scratch for your own devices.

Once the proper XML files have been created, they can be uploaded to the Open Mobile Portal for use in your Open Mobile client profiles.

To add device support to your device library:

  1. Create (or edit an existing) XML file as outlined in the ODF documentation.
  2. On the My Device Support tab, click Create Device Support.
  3. Under Device XML File, click Browse and select your ODF file. Then, click Upload.
  4. The file is read and the manufacturer, family, and model are displayed. If you would like to change the display of any of these values, in Manufacturer, Family and Model, enter the desired new values.
  5. In Device Support Name, enter the name you will assign to this device support.
  6. In Description, enter a description of the support.
  7. In Minimum Software Version Supported, from the drop-down list, select a minimum version of the Open Mobile client that will include this device.
  8. Enter values for the following device attributes:
    • Device Type: select a device type (CDMA or GSM).
    • Form Factor: select a device form factor from the drop-down list.
    • Device Driver: enter the filename of the device driver.
    • NDIS 6.2 Compliant Driver: indicate whether the device driver is NDIS 6.2 compliant.
    • Device firmware: enter the filename of the device firmware.
    • Comments to Customer: enter any comments on the device support that you wish to share with customers.
  9. Click Save.

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