Editing a Profile

You can edit In Progress and Test profiles. Production profiles may not be edited.

To edit a profile:

  1. Click Configuration | Manage Profiles.
  2. Find the profile you wish to view, and in the Select an action dropdown menu next to the profile, select Manage.
  3. On the Configure Profile page, click Configure next to the configuration setting you would like to edit. If it is a production profile, click Select an action and select Edit Profile. This will create a new version that can be edited.
  4. Edit the configuration settings as needed, then click Save.
  5. Continue editing configuration settings as desired.
  6. To edit the profile description, at the top of the Configure Profile page, in the blue bar, click Edit. For some clients, you can set or edit an activation PIN here (up to 50 alphanumeric characters in length).
  7. If you wish to move this profile to testing, click Publish to Test. Otherwise, to save the changes to your profile without changing its status, click Return to Profile Management.

Go to: Portal Guide > Configuration Tab > Manage Profiles


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