Subscription Management Feature

The Subscription Management feature allows you to restrict a profile to a group or groups of users (set up in your LDAP server).


The Subscription Management feature has the following prerequisites:


Setting up a Group Subscription is a simple two step process:

  1. Profile Subscription: Assign a common name (cn) group or groups to one or more profiles. Note: You need to have set up common name (cn) groups on your LDAP server first.
  2. Profile Authorization: Review your assigned profiles and prioritize your groups (for users assigned to more than one).


For profiles with common name (cn) groups assigned to them through Profile Subscription, authorization will occur every time the user connects to an iPass network, and users that are not a member of one of the groups assigned to that profile will be deactivated. As noted above, this feature requires an LDAP server accessible to a RoamServer Remote Manager (RSRM).

Portal Guide > Configuration Tab > Group Subscription


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