Group Management

On the Group Management page, you can manage groups of users that you can assign to profiles through Profile Subscription and Profile Authorization.

Hosted Setup Group Management

You can also enable Group Management from the Hosted Setup page.

Add Group

Click the Add button in the top-right of the page to create a new group.

To add a group:

  1. Type the name of the new group in the Group Name field (there is a maximum of 255 characters).
  2. In the Unassigned User list, select the user you would like to assign, and click the right arrow to move them over to the Assigned User list. The double right arrow button will assign all unassigned users in the list. You can also unassign users by select them in the Assigned Users list and clicking the left arrow. Use the search field to find a specific user to assign or unassign.
  3. Click Save to save the results.
You cannot search by username or email (only the actual name of the user).



For any group in the list, you may be able to Manage Assigned Users, View, or Delete depending on your privileges.

Go to: Portal Guide > Account Tab


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