Automatic Credential Assignment

Please contact an iPass admin to enable this feature.

Automatic credential assignment makes it so users don't need to enter their username or password to use and connect with Open Mobile. Credentials are automatically assigned in the background, once users have been verified.

There are two general ways a user may encounter this account update. Below, you will find descriptions for a short way and a long way. The short way doesn't require the user to enter any extra information, while the long way requires users to enter an email address and launch a link.

Short Way

When automatic credential assignment is enabled and users are successfully migrated (no incorrect passwords, usernames, etc.), users will receive an account update the next time they launch Open Mobile. Users will be informed that they no longer need to worry about usernames and passwords.

Upon encountering the account update, users should simply tap Got it! and continue using Open Mobile. The only change users may notice is the Account Settings option, under Settings, will no longer be visible as it no longer relevant.

Long Way

The slightly longer way will require users to help us verify their current credentials by providing us with an email address and by reaching into their email for a special link that will finalize the account update.

1. The user must tap on Let's Verify when the Account Updates screen appears (whenever the user launches Open Mobile after automatic credential assignment has been enabled).

2. The user must enter their email address. Users may need to select among domains if there are several associated with a specific user.

3. The user is notified that an email has been sent to the email address they provided. The user must open the email sent by iPass and tap on the link in the email.

If the link doesn't work for any reason, there is an activation code included in the email that the users can enter (where it states Tap here to enter Activation Code).

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