The Settings feature offers the options described below.

The Account Settings option may not be visible if the Automatic Credential Assignment feature has been enabled.

Account Settings

The user enters or changes iPass account credentials here, including Username, Password, Domain, and possibly Prefix.

Login Settings

Login Settings includes a toggle for Auto-Login and gives users the opportunity to exclude networks they don't want to connect to. For more details, click below:

Usage Alert Settings

Open Mobile can send data usage alerts when the user is close to reaching the monthly cellular data limit.

Usage History

Users can swipe between two Usage Meter screens. The Usage History screen displays data usage, and the Recent Connections screen shows a user's last 20 successful connections.


  • Tap Replace Profile to replace your profile. You will be sent to the Replace Profile screen and will need a new activation code (Profile ID, possibly a PIN, and email) to replace your profile.
  • Tap Check for Network Updates to check for any available Profile and Directory update (not software update). These updates happen automatically every 24 hours.
  • Tap More Info for information on your version of Open Mobile. The user can also replace their profile here.
  • Tap Legal Information to access legal details.
If the credential-free authentication feature has been configured, users will not see the Replace Profile option.


  • Service Overview: A series of informative screens describing Open Mobile and how to get connected.
  • How to Connect: A set of instructions showing users how to connect to Open Mobile through the native iOS Wi-Fi manager.
  • FAQ: A set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to help users if they are having trouble connecting to an iPass network.
  • Report a problem: Tapping this option will launch the user's email client, with logs attached. The To field will auto-populate with

Go to: Open Mobile for iOS Help > User Interface


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