Logging In

Portal users can log in using either their Open Mobile username, or email address. An email address can be a convenient way of logging in if the username has complex prefixes or domains.

To log in to the Open Mobile Portal,

  1. In Login, enter either your email address or your Open Mobile user name. (Login is not case-sensitive.)
  2. In Password, enter your Open Mobile password.

Login Identity

In order for Portal administrators to log in to the Portal, you must add them as Portal users under Account > Administrator Provisioning. They can then use either their email address or their Open Mobile network access credentials to log in.

Once logged in to the Portal, your login identity is shown in the navigation bar at the top of the page.

Idle Timeout: For security purposes, you will be logged out of the Portal automatically after 30 minutes of inactivity.

Hosted Administrator Login

If your credentials are hosted by iPass, your login will be in the following format: <user>@omportal.com.

First Log In

A Hosted Administrator logging in for the first time is prompted to change the password.

Forgot Password

A Forgot your password? link will display on the Portal login page. Click the link and enter the same email address used to register for the Open Mobile Portal. An email with instructions for retrieving or resetting a password will be sent to the email address provided. The email instructions may contain time-sensitive URLs or a temporary password (or both), depending on which option was chosen. Passwords belonging to inactive users canot be reset or retrieved.

Only hosted users can retrieve or reset their passwords. If a user's company is not setup for this, an error message will appear, informing users that they must contact an admin for password help.

Legacy Portal Registration

Some functions of the Legacy Portal (portal.ipass.com) have moved to the Open Mobile Portal. The pages for these functions provide a link from the Legacy Portal to register for the Open Mobile Portal. For more information please see Open Mobile Portal Registration.

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