An Open Mobile profile is a set of customization options that determine the features, policy settings, and behavior of the Open Mobile client. Profiles are convenient way to address the connectivity needs of different segments of your user base. For example, one Open Mobile profile could be maintained for your sales department, and another profile could be maintained for your telecommuting workforce. You can maintain any number of profiles.

Each profile is assigned a profile ID, a version number, and a status, and is enabled for a specific version of the Open Mobile software.

A profile template is a collection of pre-configured settings that can be used as the basis for new profile. Using profile templates to create new profiles can speed profile creation and standardize the user experience.

The Profile Lifecycle

The profile management lifecycle includes the following phases:

  • Configuration: During the Configuration phase, you configure a profile using the Configuration tools in the Open Mobile Portal. You choose the settings for connectivity, policy, and security for your users. When a profile is being configured, it is considered a draft and has the status of In Progress. You may only have one profile at a time with a status of In Progress.
  • Testing: During the Testing phase, a profile is tested with a limited set of users to make sure it fully addresses the requirements of the set of Open Mobile users for which it is intended. Modifications made to a profile during testing will create a new version of the profile. Profiles being tested have a status of Test. You may have any number of Test profiles.
  • Production: Profiles in Production may be deployed to your Open Mobile user base and have the status of Production. You may have any number of Production profiles.

More Information

For more information on creating and using profiles, see Manage Profiles.

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