Open Mobile will update the user’s profile, network directory, and software version (software update is available for version 2.2.0 and later).

Automatic Update

Every time it establishes or inherits an Internet connection, Open Mobile performs the following update activities:

  • Downloads and installs any changes or updates to the iPass network directory.
  • Downloads and applies any updates to the currently installed profile.
  • Uploads connection success information to the Open Mobile Portal, where it can be viewed in reports.

If a connection is established for longer than 24 hours, Open Mobile will automatically perform these updates every 24 hours after the initial connection is made. Updates of profiles, directories, and software version (software update is available for version 2.2.0 and later) are made through HTTP/HTTPS requests to the Open Mobile Update Server.

The update process is accomplished in two steps:

  1. Open Mobile checks for the presence of any updates by invoking Update services at this URL: om-updater.ipass.com.
  2. Updates are retrieved by Open Mobile from this URL: om-download.ipass.com.

Manual Update

Open Mobile includes a manual update feature to update profiles, network directories, and the software version (if an update is available).

To perform a manual update:

  1. Launch Open Mobile.
  2. In the menu, click iPass Open Mobile > Update…
  3. Open Mobile will check for updates and notify you if the profile has been updated or if the profile is already up-to-date. If a software update is available (for version 2.2.0 and later), a dialog box will open with information on the new features and the required disk space, and you can choose to update now or update later (see below).

Proxy Handling

If a user is in an area where a proxy is not available, updates should still be successful.

Authenticated proxies are not supported. If proxy authentication is required, an update attempt will fail. As a result, the user may not receive updates until the next time the user is in a location that does not require an authenticated proxy.

Software Update

Available for: Versions 2.2.0 and later

If a software update is available, Open Mobile will notify the user during the next profile update. A dialog box will open with a description of the new features and file size. The user can choose to update now or later.

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